The key to getting the most from your treatments and skincare is to have a detailed consultation with our doctors. This allows us to truly understand your concerns, and create a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

We are firm believers that medical aesthetic treatments are just that, medical. And as such we require you to have a consultation prior to certain treatments so that e can assess your medical, psychological and aesthetic suitability for each treatment option.

If you know what treatment you would like, or are not sure what would be the best option for you, a consultation is the first step.

New Patient Consultation

£60 (45 minutes)

This consultation is suitable for you if you are:

  • a new patient to Dr Rachel Tunney Skin & Aesthetics
  • looking for advice about your home skincare products 
  • unsure of what treatments may help you
  • looking for more information about the treatments we offer
  • seeking aesthetic treatments and are required to have a medical consultation prior to treatment

If appropriate, your consultation can include anti-wrinkle treatment or Profhilo treatment (payment will be in addition to your consultation cost).

All other treatments will require appointments on a different date, due to the requirement for numbing or the need to follow specific pre-treatment advice.

Existing Patient Consultation

£40 (30 minutes)

This consultation is suitable for you if you are:

  • already a patient at Dr Rachel Tunney Aesthetics
  • wanting information about a treatment that you have not previously discussed with our doctors
  • looking for a review of your skincare or treatment plan
  • wanting aesthetic treatments but have not visited the clinic for over twelve months or there are aspects of your medical health that have changed since your last visit

Wedding Skincare Consultation

£100 (60 minutes)

A wedding consultation is a great way to get your skin in its best condition for your big day. Our practitioners will assess your skin concerns and create a personalised treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

The consultation includes a 15-minute mini-facial, which allows us to get to know your skin and see how it responds to our products. We will also discuss your skincare routine and recommend any changes you may need to make.

£30 of your consultation costs are redeemable on skincare from a bespoke skincare plan that Dr Rachel Tunney will create for you. This is through our partner Get Harley.


Consultation with a Hydrafacial

£170 (60 minutes)

Enjoy the benefits of a Hydrafacial while discussing your skin and aesthetic concerns with Dr Rachel Tunney.

It can be helpful to see how your skin responds to our treatment and allows our practitioners to see your skin up close!



I am not sure what treatment to book

The choice of treatments and services can be overwhelming, and we do not always expect you to know exactly which treatment would be right for you… that is what we are here for! If you are a new, or existing patient and you don’t know where to start, it is always best to book a consultation. This allows us to discuss your concerns, before making a treatment plan and booking any treatments.


Based on 58 reviews
I've had several treatments with Dr Rachel so far, and been delighted with the results. She is aleays welcoming, reassuring and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this clinic!
Julia Casson
5 January 2024
Really happy with how my treatment went and am looking forward to seeing the results. Dr Rachel put me at ease from the beginning making sure I was comfortable and understood everything all the way through. I never felt that any question was too silly and that we could go at my pace and time didn’t matter. I cannot recommend Dr Rachel highly enough.
Vanessa Bowden-Smith
17 December 2023
Happy with my first visit and treatment. Dr Tunney was lovely and so was her clinic . She explained everything too which put me at ease.
Jive Bunny
14 December 2023
Very professional and caring. If anyone is hesitant about going along the aesthetics route, you can be confident of superb advice and treatment.
Helen Mackinnon
13 October 2023
Dr Rachel put me at ease from our first meeting. She is both friendly and professional. I knew that I would be in safe hands with my treatment which was clearly and thoroughly explained. I am very much looking forward to future visits and treatments. Thank you Dr Rachel.
Fiona Hayward
5 October 2023
Confidential consultation with Dr Tunney at her private practice. First class professional advice about all relevant treatments available. Extremely satisfied with the time and care taken with my skin care plan which I am about to embark on. Can’t wait! ????
Jan Wareham
4 October 2023
Excellent service and attention to detail, will discuss all your needs with you and come up with a solution necessary to fix your problems
Roberta Burton
17 September 2023
Dr Rachel took time to listen to my concerns, talked me through appropriate options and her expert recommendations. Her professional, personable approach led me to come away feeling informed and empowered.
Louise B
15 September 2023